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Originally posted by Eklektikos
I'm definitely plotting to purchase it along with Halo as soon as I become something close to solvent again. What I'm most excited about, though, are David Tibet's plans to record some kind of collaboration with Stephen O'Malley, the man responsible for SunnO))), Khanate and numerous other excellent drone/doom projects. I've been hoping for something similar ever since C93 started playing gigs with OM.
Tibet works well with that kind of sound- he's got masses of experience through his collaborations with John Balance and Steven Stapleton.

I bought the new Current 93 album today. In HMV! They actually have Current 93 albums on sale in HMV! On the high street! And in Virgin too! And they're shifting them as well!

It feels like the rest of the world is finally catching on. Anyway, the album is their best in years.
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