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Music people, I need your help!

I'm doing a paper on U2's "City of Blinding Lights".

Part of this involves diagramming the song and identifying chords used. I've googled around for tablature or sheet music and all of the stuff I've found vary wildly and all seem completely incorrect.

For one, I think the song is in A flat. Anyone know if this is the case?

The progression for the riff at 0:49 and in all of the verses SEEMS to be A -> E -> f#m ->A -> E -> D, but nothing I've found is remotely like that. Is everyone else listening to a different song than I am?

I think, however, in the pre-chorus part ("And I miss you when you're not around) it sounds like it drops to C and alternates with D 2+2 bar structure, and the "Oh- you- are
-so ..." part is alternating E and D.

Does this make sense to anyone or am I just crazy?

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