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Despite what the game says, you NEED 256 megs of ram... load times are a fucking killer. One a p3 500 with a geforce 3, on best detail, it takes over 2 1/2 minutes, on medium, still takes over a minute. I only have 128 megs of ram... god this game EATS fucking ram. They tell you it in the manual, but not on the box... recommended should be 256 megs, not whatever was stated. Graphics are great for a lithtech engine, still not q3 arena engine, but the graphics are gorgeous, if you can wait 2 FUCKING minutes, then another 2 FUCKING minutes. Cutscene, 2 minutes, loading game 2 minutes. It's a fucking pain in the damned ass.

The interface is shitty as well, it's typical fps, but certain things don't fucking work... I'm downloading the 4 meg patch now on bloody 56k. I'm not impressed so far.
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