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when you press tab you get access to 4 areas

one that has your stats and info on it

one that has items and the like

one that has magic spells and the like

and one that has maps and journal

there is a main map, and a local map

I don't know whether there is some other map overlay that you can bring up

I am Natasha, a Redguard swordswoman

Although I think I want to be good at talking also

I picked illusion and restoration magic to go into, but haven't used illusion yet (I use light armor)

despite the fact that there seems to be a lot for evil players (murders to be done, goods to be stolen, etc), I am playing good

I do like the sneak stuff though, so I think I am going to play a theif catcher or something (I am trying to find a painting right now)

The G in Greg stands for Gaylord.
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