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LWPIX- Songs of Innocence and Experience

Note to all-

LWP is a two-part process- a CD exchange, and written feedback on it. If you think you can't get it together to write a few words on the tracks before the article deadlines, drop out now because otherwise you'll just be letting down people are putting time and money into this.

The theme is "Songs of Innocence" and "Songs of Experience".

What you need to do-

Burn two songs onto a CD. The first is for "Songs of Innocence", while the second is for "Songs of Experience". There are no time limits on length of tracks, but don't take the piss.

Send them to me in suitably safe packaging, enclosing STAMPED self-addressed packaging to receive a CD back.

(Exception for non-UK participants- in your case, just get your CD's to me. I'll handle the return postage and packaging. Don't bother sending money or stuff, but if the guilt gets too much just send me saucy pictures of your girlfriends)

PM me if you need my address. If you've had my address before, rest assured I haven't moved in the last 10 years.

Deadline for receipt of CD's is Saturday 25th February. That should give time for all air-mail packs to reach me.

Any queries? Just ask.
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