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Highlight the unit you want to attack with, press g and then mouse over the unit you want to attack. Gives you all the stats and bonuses and your percentage chance of winning. Makes battles a lot less down to guesswork.

I think the barrage ability comes in only if you make a normal attack with your catapult. I don't tend to use that because by the time I get catapults archers with City Defender are usually hard enough to beat a catapult and Longbowmen certainly are. Works better with tanks. Whatever you do, make sure you take out all the fortifications first. It really makes a difference. Also I put some defensive units (archers/longbowmen etc) in the stack so that they can garrison the captured city leaving your assault stack to continue conquering (once healed).

To successfully wage an offensive war you either need a slight tech superiority or massively superior numbers. If you can get elephants when he still only has archers you can kick some arse though.
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