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well I cheated on that bit and use DBpro which laready has a 3D engine - so I dont need to worry about the shapes - i can just load them in from most modelling programs. The tricky bit comes in the scales involved - otherwise you end up with small X style sectors. If you want real infinite in any direction space you have to find a way of making the 3D engine space (and scales) somehow tie in. Its easy enough if you have no background objects - you can just cull objects off at long range. The problem comes in if you want realistic size planets (which I do). Then you have to have a way of rendering a 3D object that is truely massive without it getting culled by the draw limits of the engine. theres various "cheating" ways to do it - making the planet smaller but keeping it at the edge of the visible area and making it larger as you approach but when you get in close theres always going to be the problem of the edges of it being chopped.

So really its the background that gave me the problem rather than the foreground.

I'm away next week but maybe I'll dig the old 3D package out and start again (again)
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