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Thx DS.

They couldn't have cut scenes that were WORSE than X2, if you ask me

I don't mind bigger sectors with slow TLs, but they really do need to ramp up the speeds of the smaller craft if that's the case. There's no reason a giant ship like that shuld go as fast or faster than, say, a Nova M3.

If the A-Life engine is improved by having the AI traders run the improved mk3 Trading Software or something along those lines (exhibiting decent behavior) and having AI mercenaries doing the actual BB missions, then I might be more impressed with the A-Life. In fact, I'd like to thee the BB system enhanced beyond what it is now. There's no reason not to have a centralized DB of missions for each sector, and no reason you shouldn't be able to communicate with other sectors easily. After all, whatever passes for radio comms in the X Universe clearly can pass through gates, and they're only a few klicks apart. Total distance from Argon territory to the Boron sectors in the upper left should be well under a light second.

But, with all that, I guess gameplay trumps realism. I hope they make it logical AND fun. Or just fun, so long as it's consistent.
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