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Then it would seem we're at an impasse.

There's a mod you can get for X2 that quadruples the size of each sector. There are a few problems with this, though, number one being the full sector no longer totally fits on the default zoom of the sector map. Second, it takes far to long to traverse, even in a fast-ish ship. Third, times for those courier missions, useful in the early game for making a few bucks quickly, aren't modified to increase times. Also, scanner ranges are small, factories get lost against the background, and it's really tough finding anything.

Of course, now there's room for your TL to fly. But what's the point if the game is now far too annoing to play? Increasing sector size means really tweaking a lot of the other game parameters. Perhaps they'll get a chance to do this properly with a full released X3 rather than an add-on (which likely wouldn't change things a great deal because of previous engine limitations, or breaking compatibility with the first episode etc.).
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