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Good work Not sure I'd have the patience for that given thatyou don't really get much out of it except ownership of the stations and a lot of credits. If there was some ultimate goal to work towards other than the main plot, there might be something to compel me to have that many stations.

I'd like to see sector sizes expand to encompass an entire system. Something like Frontier would be good - everything to scale. And real physics, too, come to think of it. But then, the dogfighting in Frontier did suck a great deal, so perhaps not _quite_ realitic. But you don't need to put the jumpgates at the edges of the system. Put them in a decent orbit around either the main inhabited planet, or the sun. You'd end up getting a lot of factories around the jump gates still, but mostly the ones engaged in selling a final product. Then you can move all primary producing factories out to planets/asteroids/moons, SPPs in close orbit around the sun etc. Clustered to make them easier to protect, but more spread out.

Maybe I should write my own damn game!
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