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I think if they were charging around at 10 kts you would pick them up miles away and if they are stupid enough to be caught snorking they deserve to be toast. but at 1-2kts they should be pretty quiet. I think finding them is more a test of my patience - if I stay slow I will find them first because my sonar is better but its whether I can resist going in at 20kts all guns blazing.

Have you tried riding a pair of torpedos? I havnt tried this but it sounds plausible as a way of hedging your bets agaisnt a silent diesel if you have to get somewhere fast. Basically you run out a pair of wireguided torps but set them to run at about 30kts. Let them head out on the bearing you want to move down (500-1000 yds). Then set off after them at 30kts. The other guy sees a pair of torps but cant see your trace behind all the noise they make. He might make a snapshot down that bearing but at 30Kts you will probably close to inside their enable range before they do. When you are whereever you want to be drop back to zero knots and let leave the torps running.

Best result - other guy sees the torps and turns and runs. When you drop out of the noise you can wire guide one right onto him.

Worst result - other guy is there but not on the torpedo bearing - he sees the torps are not homing on him and stays quiet. He knows the line you were one when you fired from the torpedo bearing. If he is off to one side enough he may be able to seperate you from the torpedo noise....

Bit of a cowboy tactic, kind of a crazy ivan with a torpedo battering ram.

Or more sensibly you can swim out a UVV and use it to check the area ahead of you. Or more evilly you can swim out a Mk48 at low speed (5kts). They are fairly quiet at that speed. Get it into the area you want to flush and enable it - it starts pinging, circling and warms up to 50kts. Scares shite of diesel sub and flushes it out or just plain kills it. Still risks giving you bearing away if he picks up the incoming slow speed run. More complicated you cna fire it facing away from the target and wire guide it back over you shoulder to the suspect or even out sideways then in at an angle. (yes I have read SSN)
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