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And I suck with the P-3. Can't figure out how to fire the missles at the TACCO station where I want them. I should probably read up on that in the manual. Then I got shotdown.

I did ok with the 688. "Chased" (at 10knots max to their 20, that's not exactly a chase) the Kirov and 2 other ships due west on a intercept course. Gave myself away with the TASM launch. Missles get blown up. Destroyer comes my way (so does a MiG I find out later). Changed course south. Blasted the destroyer with 2 torpedos (I like to drive wire guided torpedos).

Then I launched a spread at the Kirov and the other ship (turned out to be an aircraft carrier) Hit the carrier with 3 torpedos (didn't sink) and the Kirov with 1 (barely even slowed down). That's when the helicopter found me and I started running...right into a mountain.
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