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yeah dont bother using ASMs of any kind against anything thats got decent AA defence - cruisers/carriers/AEGIS ships etc. Even minor countries destroyers will often take them down. I fired off the entire VLS system at the kirov and none of them got closer than 1000yds. On the other hand even single harpoons will often KO frigates. The russian sub launched cruise are better - one of them does Mach3 and sea skims on the final run in to the target. Very little you can do to stop that unless you pick it up on radar before it speeds up and hit it with a SM-2 at long range.

Last time I was flying a P-3 I dropped almost all my torps and wondered why they kept dissappearing. Turned out I had their presets set at a 200ft running depth and there was only 100ft of water.

Also smacked an akula into a sea mount when trying to get away from a torp...
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