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If he is asking for a med school recommendation from you make sure he is aware taht TA recommendations are AT BEST considered nuetral. If they are 100% positive froma TA they will look ignore it, if they are negative at all, they will hurt the student.

His best bet is to speak tot he instructor of the course and get them to agree to sign or countersign a recommendation you write for him. That steps it up a little or nicely if your name and position are not on the letter.

As for what to put in the recommendation, if he was a good student and is applying to a US program, make the recommendation GLOWING. Because of our silly legal laws a single, even constructive, critizism on a recommendation is considered a warning sign.

If he is apply to an overseas program be completely honest. They will take it at face value and want a little insight about the student and their strengths and weaknesses.

I would ask the student for a copy of their resume/CV, the official reccomendation forms that your career center uses or that the place the person is applying is going to, and then just write some BS since it is sealed anyway.

I have a nice form recommendation I use, change around a bit so that some personal info is in it and I can knock out a recommendation a full typesd page in an hour.

I have to do one tomorrow for agirl who wants to study in Barcelona for a year and found out it was due the 4th, not the 15th.
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