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"The next person to screw up is in big trouble"

After observing a coworker not catch a bit of flak for forgetting to put in an order before we ran out of cheese, I relaxed.
I got raked over the coals for letting labor costs run too high on my shift a few days later. Quit the next week.
"What did you do with my foo?" I've done nothing with it. Haven't seen it around, either. "I gave it to you to file/proofread/mail, etc."
No, you most certainly did not. I am not responsible for your failure to meet whatever obligation it is that's got you sweating bullets. Find another scapegoat.
One of my favorites is the email I got nine months after leaving grad school asking me what brand of CD-R drive I had installed in the labs computer three years ago. It was an HP. I would not normally remember this, but we had this odd conversation where I wanted to get something good, but cheaper, and he insisted I buy the HP because he said liked their customer service people.

I think he had just replaced this computer and was probably cannibalizing it for his kids comp at home and didn't know what drivers to get (his kids have an old Win98 comp, because he's got a slightly learning disabled son that's a bit hard on his toys).
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