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my boss does this:

' I have three projects for you, as well as the ones you're already doing'

Me- 'Excellent, they look really interesting- I really want to do them, but I can't because I'm covering the administration- can we get an administrator?'

Him- 'ahhh well we can get half a person, temporarily for three days a week'

Me- 'well we have more admin than that'

Him- 'ohhh but the big boss has put on a headcount freeze'

Me- 'I can't do both jobs at once'

Him 'well just do what you can'

6 months later....

Him 'whats gone wrong between us?' (thats a direct quote)

Me 'WTF??'

Him 'I feel like you aren't listening to me- what about all these projects?'

Me 'Yeah remember the admin? I still cant do both jobs at once'

Him 'Oh well just do what you can'

etc etc etc

does my fucking head in. I wouldnt mind but its a global company, its not like we cant afford the support.
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