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Originally posted by Tizzy

Actually I did, for purely practical reasons We already had most of the stuff we needed and didn't want people wasting their money on things we'd just stick in the cupboard and never use. What's the point in that? If people were going to spend money, they may as well spend it on something useful

Sorry to boringly drag this back on topic here, but this prettyy much sums up our position. We both have our own houses at the moment and within a few months of the wedding we will be buying a place of our own together. We know pretty much what and where we are buying and what sort of stuff will go in that type of house.

At the minute we have a collection of all sorts of crap (some of her crockery is left over rubbish from uni!) none of which matches or is any good either. So, we are pretty much starting from scratch - plus to avoid arguments over whose stuff we keep and whose will go we are probably going to buy new everything and throw out all the old stuff. Hence the wedding list.

If guests want to help us set up in the new place then they can buy stuff off the list. I'm sure some guests will buy nothing at all and some will bring their own gifts. We dont really mind as our parents will be helping us out a lot in terms of buying stuff and/or doing DIY stuff in the new home etc anyway. And we really dont need any more toasters!
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