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Obligatory birthday post!

Colon: No, at work I feel much older.

zmama: qmama is fine, and is getting along great with LoC. Kids like her, and she's cooking for me too, although it's difficult to translate Aussie ingredients into U.S. ones sometimes.

chagarra: There's no good mass market domestic beer here, and I wouldn't touch the Aussie import with a 50ft pole!

jsorense: I'm applying for a job down in SLO! Not far from you, we could lunch together!

TV4Fun: Beats me...

Everyone: Ta! Good wishes much appreciated!

I should be getting my birthday presents in the next few days: DVDs, a DVD player (progressive scan, multi region, DivX compatible, bunch of other stuff), a new entertainment center/TV stand thing. And LoC made me a cheesecake! Yaaaay! Though I was a bit let down with the sunglasses I went and bought today, and returned 10 minutes later because the illiterate factory monkeys cut the polarized lens 90 degrees rotated. Dumbasses...

It's been a good birthday. I turned 11111 in binary! Next year it's the big 100000!
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