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I have chosen from a store list. Not on line, before the Net was that ubiquitous, but I went to M&S and sorted it in the store.

It was ok, I guess, certainly shortened the time taken. But I wasn't that keen. I know that the alternative was to read though a couple's hand written list and risk duplication, but somehow it seemed so mechanical.

Besides whilst it ensures you get what the couple wants, it also means that you pay the prices that the couple has dictated. (And doesn't the store add on a bit for the privilege ? Too long ago to recall now, but I think they might.)

And getting there after all the others have already snapped up the reasonably priced items, is a pain too. And it's all so restrictive.

In fact I'm a little off about a list in the first place to be honest. Over time it's gone from, being happy with whatever's given, to a suggestion list, as it's sensible to avoid getting gifts that are unwanted. Which seems reasonable except that it moves in the direction of dictating what other will give. Then on to the store listings, as it's sensible to actually define the gift and avoid getting two of the same, except that, that is even further into dictating what's bought, and what's paid for it.

A gift ought not be demanded really, but gratefully received as a nice 'surprise' that wasn't a necessity but a wonderful gesture from friends and family. Sadly the emphasis has been changed over time by the couples in collusion with commercial interests.

But given that that's the way things have gone, I think, if possible, it may be an idea to have a combination. A paper handout with suggestions for those who wish to give something, and maybe a couple of stores running lists. Although it won't get rid of the possible duplication problem, I think that's a small price to pay for the freedom of the giver to go elsewhere without feeling guilty about it. After all things wear out so a duplication isn't that much of a problem.
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