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Originally posted by protein

*shakes head from side to side in classic British curry restaurant humour.

Tankyou, come again.

Hey, bring me back something cheap but groovy. Like a wild monkey or a fresh coconut or something.

Sadly both wild monkeys and cocunuts are banned (as food) stuffs from being brought through customs. Maybe I should have pretended to be a travelling organ grinder....

I did however get badly roocked on some (n ot so cheap) cheap hindu god tablets. I don't feel so bad cos they were from a tsunami village and they did need the business - so you can all have one, maybe two of those!

In Chenai I was reading about some guy who has a bit of a penchent for weird food (live scorpions, rattle snakes etc). It turns out he is one of the few people alive today who has eaten the classic south indian delicasy of Boiled Monkey brains (as depicted in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), before it was banned in 1979!

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