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I completed the mission that was pissing me off and then i also finished all the other missions available until i was left with only the slick missions again. Did the 'reuniting the families' one, which also featured an annoying operation wolf bit, and am now on the one where


you see big smoke and ryder and it looks like they're in league with the cops and the ballaz. then you have to go and help out sweet on the freeway, but i've failed that twice now, it's taking me too long to get to him. First time i got there but he was so low on health he died during the shootout. I'll give it another go tonight.

Starting the turf wars is fun, i got hold of the ak this weekend which r0xx0rs.
i check my hair at the elevator mirror and the highlight of my day when I say hi to a girl who's opposite of the elevator door at my floor. the one i went out with.
after that, it's the same old fucking thing all over again.

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