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I was thinking that their next move could be the 70s. The music and visual possibilities are endless. Plus you get the 70s pimps, the 1970s space age futuristic films and the flares, the disco dancing, the 70s cars... oh man it would be awesome.

San Andreas is awesome though. This evening I stole a jet plane and went as high as I could before bailing out, freefalling for a while and then parachuting to a safe landing ontop of a moving car. Absolutely brilliant!

Before I got to the plane stage I was absolutely creaming myself when I disovered that you can motorbike to the top of the mountain, put on a parachute and base jump off the edge. Such detail!

Some of the music is unbearable though. Well, if I'm honest I only like about five of the tracks and two of them are because they are so crap they are funny.
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