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They're not the only thing on the soundtrack. I read at Gamespot that there's also a country station. Some Willie Nelson, some Conway Twitty, some Tammy Wynette, some Dolly Parton. I'm just guessing.

Guns & Roses shot their wad by 1993. It would be easy for me to call them a case of wasted talent, but I think that after they got a few albums out, there was nothing more to say. I liked the big radio hits from Appetite, Lies, and Use 1&2.

It's too bad there hasn't been a GTA 1970s game. Thow in the rock, the disco, the jazz, the funk, etc. I think the GTA guys did a good enough job with the 80s game, choosing the Totos and the Halls & Oates, but staying away from the Wingers and Cinderellas, that they should be able to get a tasteful selection from the 70s.
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