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I was looking in PC gamer today and i saw they had given this only 60% in their review.

I have to say it was a pretty weak review. He didn't mention half the features of the game (although obvously didn't have 2000 words to play with like i did).

The reviewer mentioned some of the things i said, like the dfficulty of selecting the players/ball at times, but he seemed to have real issues with it. Which is fair enough i suppose.

He made one point which i forgot to mention which is that the ai of the players is not so good. If you don't give them orders they tend to stand around doing nothing. However, i think the guy missed the point that in order to maintain tactical positions this is sometimes exactly what you want. The game allows you to set individual players aggression radius to varying levels to determine how close opposition players are before they respond, so this is really quite under your control. I think it is a bit of a non-issue.

For some reason they made a big deal out of what i took to be issues with the review code, like some of the unfinished translations that i mentioned. Perhaps this is a big faux pas in the review world...

well either way, that reviewer didn't like it, so as i said before, play the demo first if you're thinking of buying the game
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