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its pretty low, something like 700mhz.

Anyway its pretty dam good.

I played it for a bit last night and was thinking, its OK but probably no long term appeal. Then looked at the time and realised it was 2am and I had been playing it for 4 hours.

So actually its pretty good, the demo is well done, lets you play 3-4 matches into a league season befor stopping.

Played with the barbarians, not very tactically clever, just lined up my 5 biggest guys across the middle of the pitch and started a massive brawl. Once I had sucked in the opposing forwards I would get one of the quaterbacks (usually played 2) to break off one end of the line and either try and carry the ball forward or get a pass away to a receiver. usually I would have a lineman who had flattened his oppopsite number to shield the ball carrier or pre emptively tackle one of the full backs. Won most games by around 6-1 although the wood elves gave me some problems - their receivers seem very fast and their passing game is quick. In the end I just started matching tacklers up for every player that crossed my line and then ran the ball forward agasint them with my quaters/linesmen.

Not so impressed with the magic bits seems to overcomplicate things and the smoke bombs are just silly.

Love the commentary
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