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I made no effort to try and guess who submitted what


The mongloid song, I find this one to be pretty fun. I like the opening beat and rythym. I have actually heard this one before I beleive. Don't really like the high pictch noise that ran through it about halfway though.


This song is fairly interesting. I think it is cool and interesting, but probably would never buy it. It seems to refer back to many previous types of music or song.


I liked this song, but it did seem heavy on the distortion. I liked the melody in the voice.


Pretty sure that I have heard this one also. Not really my sort of song, but could be fun on occasion maybe with others (not something that I would want to listen to by myself). Found it a little repetitive.


I picked this song. It is steak for chicken by moldy peaches. I like the voice and the guitar is nice as well. I like how the the lyrics interweave and mix, it is great.


Decent harder song. For some reason I have not been into harder songs as much recently so I didn't really dig this one. I really liked the rising part quit a bit though.


This sounds a lot like one of the songs from the first one. Nice voice, but not really my style. Doesn't grab me.

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