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A B+ would be , wouldn't it?

You did much better with your purchase of X2, MDA. Once I found out how truly crap the ending of Spellforce was I started pining for X2 until LoC got fed up and let me buy it, which I did weekend before last. I must say, for two games from small software houses in Europe that produce games with crappy cut scenes, I like X2 much more. Much more fun. But they suffer from many of the same faults (bad cutscenes, weird voice acting, clucnky interfaces, from what I've heard of X2 it also has a less than spectacular ending...) which makes it all the more strange why I hated one but not the other. Maybe because the main plot is all there is to Spellforce, but not so with X2.

Luckily for me, everywhere else that's reviewed Spellforce has given it flying colors (based mostly on the fact that most reviewers play the first bit and grade it on that) so it's in demand and should bring a decent price at eBay
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