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I submitted track 3, which was Pink turns to blue by Husker Du.

The only reason for picking this particular song was just that it made a nice link to my other track, Sonic Youth with Eric's Trip. The link is that they're thematically quite similar; both are about drugs, but Eric's Trip focussing on the upside and Pink Turns To Blue, being about a girlfriend OD'ing, talking about the bad side.

If there was no pairing necessary, I still would've submitted something by Husker Du, who are definitely one of my favourite bands of all time. Especially what I (and many others) consider their masterpiece, Zen Arcade, is brilliant from start to finish, and I could have practically submitted any track of that album. Their other albums, as far as I know, are good to excellent as well, though none of them seem to be as consistently stunning as this. I cannot recommend Zen Arcade too highly.

For you LWP old-timers, this is actually the second time I've contributed a Husker Du track. Back on LWP4, the second cd contained a 30-second hardcore trasher (track 11 or 12 IIRC), and although that was a fun track, it did not really give a good idea about what Husker Du is like at their best. This track does a better job I suppose.
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