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Track 6.

This is "Millennium" by Killing Joke, and it's the lightest and poppiest moment on their downright brutal 1993 album "Pandemonium". We always knew that, despite the fact they kept getting called "Goth", KJ were a heavier beast, and this tracks just proves that if Geordie's guitar was mixed louder they suddenly became a millenarian uber-metal monster.

This track was selected by an act of God. I took it off a home-made compilation and thought I was selecting a Telstar Ponies track. I'm not complaining, because I think it's a great song. However, if I was going to select a Joke track for inclusion it would have been the downright scary "Exorcism" (also from "Panemonium") which I consider to be the most crazed rock track ever recorded- it was recorded in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid and Jaz Coleman appears to spend half the track vomiting ectoplasm into the microphone.

Killing Joke started out in about 1980 sounding like a meaner version of The Cure (though their extraordinary 1980 track "Psyche" proved they were far more driven than any of their contemporaries) and just got heavier and heavier. "Millennium" was a top 20 hit in 1993 and they're still going strong- last year their "Killing Joke" album (guest starring the ubiquitous Dave Grohl spawned another top 30 hit.

So why them, and not any other hard rock band? It's the Arabic influences (a recurring theme- Jaz Coleman's day job is Resident Composer for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and is a real authority on Arabic music) and the millenarian fervour/political bite that's lasted them 24 years and counting. Ask for recommendations if interested.
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