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Very disappointed to hear that they won't be fixing the MP issue with quests not saving for players who join the game. That's majorly fucked.
Your quest status doesn't get loaded or saved automatically when you enter or exit the server, even if you're the host. You have to explicitely tell the game to make or load a savegame. That's done exactly like in single-player. If you're not the host the 'load' and 'save' buttons will be greyed-out and be unaccessible. So actually it's not even an issue or a problem. It's like that by design .

Now, once the host leaves, another of the remaining players in the game will become the host and will be able to save the game. There are still a couple of (obvious) problems with that though:

1. You shouldn't have to wait for other people to be able to save your game. What are you gonna do if you've only got an hour of time to play and the host won't leave? Nobody in their right mind will leave a game as host if it's not absolutely necessary, so even being nice and asking the guy to leave won't help.
2. There's no guarantee that *you* will be the next host once the original one has left.
3. Even if you become the host and save another character's quest status as yours, there's a good chance some quest will be broken, as already said in a previous post.

It's frustrating. That's just really bad design.

Very good point about the whole knight thing, Vince. I was already sizing up spears and combat skills you could use from the back of the horse for a specific character build... doesn't really look feasible, however. The game mentions the wood elf doesn't ever have to dismount to use her abilities - anyone played with that class yet?
I have. Playing a wood-elf it's important that you a) are very mobile, b) precise with your movements and therefore c) feel comfortable with the controls. Unfortunately the horse-controls feel very clumsy and unprecise, at least to me, so I don't think wood-ef + horse is a viable option.
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