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The horsies are really cute!!!

I love the combo moves, and not using mana is absolutely fantastic. Both things could be improved, for instance putting a geometric scale on four move combos so that whatever you put in it, it doesn't end up taking two and a half minutes to recharge.

Very disappointed to hear that they won't be fixing the MP issue with quests not saving for players who join the game. That's majorly fucked.

Very good point about the whole knight thing, Vince. I was already sizing up spears and combat skills you could use from the back of the horse for a specific character build... doesn't really look feasible, however. The game mentions the wood elf doesn't ever have to dismount to use her abilities - anyone played with that class yet?

Certainly, it's a good idea to support it to the hilt so that there will be a Sacred 2, and they can improve on a very sound basic design.
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