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Originally posted by Shining1
When it came out, the original Diablo was nothing short of fantastic, though. The code might be fucked up now, but I get a similar feeling from playing the Sacred demo. That means something.
I agree. Maybe Sacred 2 will be a great game.

I like the concept of the map. You can go everywhere (if you are ready to fight the opponents). It has a Ultima feel (not the game itself, but the world)

I think the idea of recharging the special moves and spells has a certain charme.

The horse is quite usefill when you want to evade battles. I don't use them much, but there are situations (say you ran out of potions) where they are helpful. In general they're just a gimmick, but I think they're cute. I agree it's a missed opportunity. It would have been a great idea to use them as battlehorses with some more equipment only to be used when on a horse. Trying to become a knight would have been cool. Along with some special knight quests ...
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