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Sacred definitely does have potential. I may have said I don't agree with the ratings it got, but even those must have come from somewhere. And it's a Diablo clone, so it can't really be bad. Sacred does few things better and a lots worse than D2, but it's still good fun if you're looking for a different Action-RPG. If you don't get easily frustrated and can look past the bugs and sloppy programming, even MP won't be that bad.

In fact the biggest frustration for me in MP doesn't really come from its numerous bugs, but from the way questing is handled. Just like in Diablo you have to complete the game in a certain difficulty in order to reach the next one. The problem starts with the fact that you can't create games yourself, but instead you select to join a server with a limited capacity of players (just like in Neverwinter Nights). Only the player who joined the server first will be able to save its quest status. So if you're not that first player, you won't get any questing done unless you play through the game in one session. You can imagine that together with the still limited server capacity that system is really frustrating. It frequently happened to my MP characters that they were level 40 but hadn't had any quests done.

I should probably also mention that MP is impossible to play at peak times (that is 18:00 - 00:00 during the week and everytime at the weekend), but since you're from NZ that shouldn't really be that much of a problem.
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