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Vincent is not the only one here who has played it.

I bought it about a month ago, played it a lot for about two weeks and haven't touched it since. The first time through in single player was a blast but after that motivation to keep playing was quickly fading. Big part of that was probably because the MP part is just really, really, really pathetic. It'll take 5 more patches and about 10 times the server capacity Ascaron has now to make it playable. I can't believe they've released 4 patches already without implementing a trade window. But hey, not that it matters though ... the items are boring and you can buy all the best stuff in shops anyway.

And I don't want to get started about all the bugs. It's no coincidence there are 4 patches already. And as far as I can see they didn't really fix that much. In fact they probably introduced more new bugs than they fixed. Six weeks after release there are still lots and lots of really *bad* ones and even more little ones. Not too mention that you often really notice how sloppy this game was programmed. I have a good machine but I get slowdowns in situations I really shouldn't get any. In fact in MP I often get slowdowns in periodic intervalls, even if I simply keep standing at the same spot.

To sum things up, if you get this game to run (lots of people seem to have problems even with that) you'll have good fun the first time through. Maybe even the second time, with a different character class. Don't expect much after that. Sacred still has an infinite number of big and small problems that'll really drive you crazy, especially if you're mad enough to try to play MP. Just read the official forums and see what other people have to say.

Sacred got really good reviews from a big number of gaming magazines and online sites, but I don't really see why. Personally, I have given up on it for now. I may try MP again in a couple of months though.

P.S.: Sacred is about 10% more story driven than Diablo 2. Don't expect much in that regard.
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