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Here's one: I kinda got stuck when I tried to continue the main quest. I didn't want to restore an old savegame because I found a cool axe. I had to fight my way through evil orc hordes, and when I got killed I was at a starting point far away from a city, in the center or orcish territory. I had no more potions. So after 1.5 hours I managed to sneak back to a city.

A similar situation was the fight against some ice giants in the monastery of the seraphim. I wasn't quite ready for it, so it took a while and a lot of spell casting/wait for reloading of that spell.

It's really hard to improve a skill sometimes if you don't find the right runes (you have to do it by trading runes 4 to 1). I now play a character that developed well, because I found a lot of cool runes. But that was luck. The first character found so many "useless" runes I abandoned him.

Fighting a dragon was VERY hard with a seraphim. I tried 30 times. With a dark elf I used the confusion trap and it was so easy, the dragon attacked the minions, I could concentrate my attacks on the dragon.

Later in the first game I found a big axe, a REALLY superior weapon. Until that the game was very hard (IIRC my best weapon did a damage of 150-300) . When I found the axe (Damge 350-650) it was quite easy. I never found a weapon of that league before.

I also never found a complete set of items worth and the items are usually not worth keeping it. In DS: Legends of Aranna the locations of set items were fixed, they were quite useful actually and I kept some until the end of the game.

Sometimes you have to return to a place with easy opponents. It's a little annoying (my character even said "the opponents are no match for me here"). In another game I found a sword that killed all opponents with a level -3 or something like that. That was cool, they all dropped dead when I was walking back.
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