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I read the bet way of keeping frieghters alive is to leave them unarmed - that way it attacked they run rather than trying to out shoot their attacker. Fighter drones do help though as they will dump them when attacked and they will distract the attackers.

As for the fab yes its a bugger to get going but once it is going it makes so much cash! + thanks to the subsidy program it makes the SPP work more efficiently. The fab sells to the trading post at something like 1900-2000 and the SPP buys them from the same post at 1600-1700. So not only do I get a nice profit on the crystals its actually better than sending them straight to my SPP. (+ my SPP doesnt have to go out of the sector to keep supplied)

Next will be to find some way to prop up the cahoona bakery in the same sector so the fab doesnt get held up by a lack of food.
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