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My SPP made 1.06million Bought a nicely kitted out Maka and a crystal fab

Got the fab up and running. Its a really bastard to get balanced. Seems to be the cahoona that is limiting. Wont run the game overnight as the kaahk have turned up even though I didnt do the next mission. next thing to do is to buy more express/manta types - The SPP seems to need at least 4 to run efectively - 3 selling, 1 buying - otherwise it cant clear the products quickly enough and clogs up. I suppose I could just reduce the selling price and have the AI buy from me but haveint all the sellers set to sell for best seems to make a nice profit. I think the Fab will need around 4 freighters, 1 each for wafers and energy (although with the right script I think I can direct one to take it from my SPP) and 2 for the cahoonas at least until I can find buy the missing resource fabs to make the one in the sector a bit more productive ( i think its held up by a lack of stott spice)

it seems to trick is either to setup a totally self contained production line based on the "free energy" economy or to try and fix the production in a sector so it runs more efficiently (and of course ends up supplying your nice high profit factories!)
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