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hmm. I have the trade 1&2 upgrades on all my ships (2 mercuries and a disco). I thought about getting an Express instead of the second merc but figured as I wasnt going to drive the thing a mid-upgraded merc would be OK and probably cheaper (and it can hold a lot more including the larger silicon product).

I know SPPs are very profitable - they just seem incredibly expensive as a first station. I would find it impossible not to spend the money before I saved enough. At least my 180K is earning money now rather than burning though my pocket.

I deliberately havnt done mission 3 yet. Dont want the kaank interfering until I am in a rather stronger position. I do have a mammoth class TL as a baby sitter to my mine though - if you hire one then tell it to cut engines it will stay there indefinately for free. Nice having all those turrets close by when theres pirates around.

I worked out that my mine makes something like 30K per hour profit so in 6 hours it will pay for itself. Once I have the second merc working properly it should be self running bar the occasional trip there to empty its accumulated silicon. I have my disco out laying navsats in each of the sectors near orebelt that have a silicon requiring factory, that way I can make sure I offload my silicon at >600creds.

I've pretty much given up on the argnu beef runs - unless theres a very short hop one. The profit just isnt big enough when you could be doing silicon instead.

I still havnt got into combat yet. Even with twin gamma IREs the disco just doesnt have enough punch. I might try sticking the full 3x1MW sheilds in it and seeing if that makes it doable when combined with a swarm of fighter drones. Capturing one of those pirate transports should bring in some cash as the ship alone would probably fetch upwards of 50K and apprently you sometime get one with some nice upgrades you can strip.

Another thing I've considered is going mining in a ship - I already have the mineral scanner so I could kit out one of my mercs for under 100K...
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