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Interesting, how far have you played throgh the story? the kaahk are very active in the ore belt for me. Just scouting it out once got me killed.

I currently own 2 mercuries and 1 argon Express, they are almost all fully upgraded and incredibly busy just working for one SPP (Solar Power Plant). the express is excellent for delivering S containers as it's top speed is 215 with a capacity of 715.

Player SPPs do require Crystals however AI ones only require it as a Secondary resource. Some fix in the game to allow more energy creation I guess.

If you want to get goods automatically you have to purchase Trade thingy MkI (from the third base down in the Argon Prime list). MkII allows you to automatically sell your products.

btw I worked out how to get more information before purchasing a ship. Press 'I' for the information screen.
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