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Seem to be following the same path as Nav - found the silicon wafer routes last night. You can often buy them at below 300 and sell at above 600.

The AI solar plants do require crystals I think.

Have just deployed my first facility, found a yield 56 asteroid in the ore belt and have whacked a silcon mine on it. The dam thing eats energy cells and although I have a second mercury I havnt figured out how to make it automatically supply the factory yet.

makes a tidy profit. If I feed it 4 cargo loads of energy cells (normally costs around 28,000 credits) I get a hold full of silicon back which I can sell for around 72,000. It cost 180,000 so it should make its money back soon(ish).

I'm planning on building the full energy cycle in the ore belt (silicon mine, crystal fab, solar plant, and whatever the food producer is that you need to keep the fab running) although thats a seriously long way off at the moment.

Still a few more runs from the silicon plant and I'll have enough for another installation.
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