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I've avoided combat totally so far - if someone comes after me I head straight to the nearest station or call in a navy patrol!

Am making nice money on the same "beef and batteries" tactic. Only have 40K at the moment but have seriously upgraded both my Discovery and the Mercury with software upgrades. Can do a lot of stuff by themselves now.

Have found having one of them haul BoGas from Atreus' Clouds to the terracorp wheat farm (I think) across about 5 jumos can make a massive profit - buying at around 50->70 and selling at over 200 if lucky.

Am still on the upgrade path but will think about saving up for a factory soon. I want a couple of 5MW sheilds for the mercury and duplex scanners on both ships first though.

Is it going to be more profitable in the long run to buy a second TS for me to fly while the upgraded one trades on its own or to save the 60K the TS would cost and keep saving for a factory.

I can make frequently make 10K+ profit runs at the moment so 150-200K for a station is not that hard to do.
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