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Scene : Firaxis’ secretaries’ Office

Present : Brit Babe and Aki Hansen

AH : Have you ever seen Brian in such a foul mood

BB : Yes, often

AH : When?

BB : When he doesn’t know what to do, when he doesn’t get a joke and when he doesn’t get his leg over.

AH : So, most of the time then?

BB : Yep. However, he’s really pretty pissed off today. I heard him and Sid shouting earlier. That’s pretty unusual.

AH : I think Sid’s cute. I wonder what he looks like in leather.

Scene : Sid’s office.

Present : Sid and Brian

BR : Look Sid, let’s approach this calmly. I am sure you’re overreacting.

SM : Brian, the guy’s a jerk. We hire him to run a website and what happens? As soon as he shows up he deletes half the threads on the forums and then closes them.

BR : Well, that was on Jeff Briggs’ instructions. We really want to get this e-commerce up and running. Besides did you really want to listen to those bozos on there whining on about bugs, Austrian elections and deleted threads. I certainly didn’t. In fact, when it was quiet I used to creep on there and delete a few myself. Now they have to e-mail us and if they complain about a game we delete it for their own protection. Great system.

SM : commerce – shmommerce. What are we gonna sell there. We’ve only got the BIGMAC extension and my new game.

BR : Anteater? Great name for a game Sid, but I don’t see what anteaters had to do with the civil war.

SM : It’ll take to long to explain to you Brian. But look, we’ve alienated a lot of the gaming community. They’ll never buy another game from us

BR : Cause they will

SM : That’ll mean less money for us

BR : So what’s money. They’ll beg us to write another one, jerks.

SM : It’ll reduce your appeal to Deidre

BR : Sid, we’ve got to fix it. What shall we do?

SM : I thought maybe that you could show up on some of the forums and talk about BIGMAC. Something like that?

BR : I know, I could go and talk about BIGMAC. How does that sound?

SM : Brilliant Brian.

BR : Just like I did before, before BIGMAC was released.

SM : That’s it.

BR : I can talk about ICS

SM : What infinite city sprawl?

BR : No. Ignoring Customers Systematically. The bozos won’t know what hit them.
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