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Episode 7

Scene Brian’s office. Present Brian

Enter Sid and Tim

BR : Good morning Sid and Tim, what’s up.

SM : We’ve got problems Brian

BR : What?

SM : Well it seems that someone’s worked out we used a whole load of CivII code in BIGMAC

BR : How could they have done that? We disguised it really carefully and even put extra bugs in. Was it the infinite missile range bug? I knew I should have asked Jeff to take that one out.

SM : no, not that.

BR : So…..

A large crash from outside is heard

Enter Chris Pine

CP : Morning

SM : Morning, how many this time, Chris

CP : Going for five

TEMB : What, bugs?

CP : Balls

BR : He only asked!

SM : Chris means his juggling balls, Brian

BR : Sounds impressive. You should talk to Deidre and Aki about that

SM : Shouldn’t Jeff be here

Another crash from outside. Jeff – in costume lurches and stumbles through the door

BR : Morning Jeff

JKM : mmm mm mmm mm

BR : Stanislavski. Jeff, you show real dedication. I like it.

SM : Let’s get down to business. How do we fend of these lawsuits that we nicked the CivII code?

BR : Sid. Wait a minute, does this mean we are going to see all of our hard earned profits get gobbled up by bloody greedy lawyers?

TT : We could say we were very sorry and promise not to do it again

SM : Yes, but Tim that would mean all of our profits getting syphoned off. Brian is right, we’ve just got to get the best lawyer we can and try and fight it. It’ll be expensive.

BR : Jesus. That’s not fair. I mean we have at least repackaged something. At least made it look a little different. Meanwhile half a planet away, there’ll be some bunch of guys duplicating games onto CDs as fast as we can write them. Just isn’t fair.

SM : It’s not a fair world Brian. But we have to fight….

BR : Wait, Sid. I’ve got an idea. If they sue us for the original they can’t really sue us for the expansion as well can they.

SM : Well, the settlement might require royalties, but probably not…

BR : OK. So we make the expansion pack brilliant and then clean up with that. We even sell off BIGMAC cheap with a $10 off voucher.

SM : OK, Brian but we need to make the expansion pack really good.

BR : I’ve just had an idea Sid.

SM : Yes

BR : When were talking about these guys burning these CDs illegally. Jesus that makes me mad and.…

SM : Brilliant, so we have a Pirate faction?

BR : No. Bloody Greedy Lawyers. They’d soon sort out those bastards. We give them –2 efficiency for all that paperwork and +3 economy for their fat fees. To counterbalance we reduce their diplomatic standing as no other faction will like or trust them.

SM : What do you think Jeff and Tim?

TEMB : It might work.

JKM : mm mmm mmm mmm

BR : Sid, see, Jeff’s getting into this one as well – he doesn’t want to incriminate himself.
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