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Episode 5
Outside the Hospital

BR : You gonna be OK now?

JKM : Yeah. I just want to see if they can do anything about it.

BR : I'll wait here. I hate hospitals. Anyway, I've got my notebook and I need to put some more flesh on the bones of the game.


JKM : I have an appointment with the rectology department.

Receptionist : Up..

JKM : I damn well know it is

Receptionist : ....stairs


JKM : Good morning Doctor

Doc : Good morning. We are in a mess aren't we...

JKM : Is it permanent.

Doc : Well you can play it many times without getting scratched, but really you should buy yourself a CD player.

JKM : You mean I'm stuck with this thing...

Doc : No. We can operate but there's been a lot of this about and there's a waiting list. That guy Shelley from CtP was in here the other week and someone had inserted a whole boxful.

JKM : My God.....

Doc : Not pretty, have you ever thought that you're in the wrong job.

JKM : I'm very well qualified for this one. I did 2 years apprenticeship at Cleeneezee and then moved to the fumigation department of the Local Authority.

Doc : So what's your job now?

JKM : The same, but in the private sector. I fumigate the offices of a computer games company. I don't see why they need them so clean though. They run around all day chanting bugs, bugs, bugs - makes me itch just to think about it.



BR : (thinks) think I'll call Sid. See if he has ANY ideas

Reaches for mobile phone but battery is flat.

Jumps up out of car

BR : Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Yes we give all the faction leaders mobile phones and every so often the battery runs out. And there are no shops on Alpha Centauri so they have to build another battery and it takes a real long time. Yeah, cooking.

BR : Diplomacy. We can make phone numbers a tradable good. Oh yes. I must call Sid...

enter JKM

BR : still there?

JKM : I'll have to lay in the back still. No sitting down.

BR : Jesus, they left it there.

JKM : Yep.

BR : So why are you smiling?

JKM : Apparently Bruce Shelley got a whole boxful....

BR : hahahahahahaha. That's a good idea for a secret project - a Brucebox - completely removes drone riots....

JKM : Step on it Bri, we've got a meeting with Sid and Tim over lunch.


Sid and Tim are already at the Chinese restaurant.
SM : Tim. I'm getting worried about Brian.

TT :Why. Yawn...

SM : I think he's losing the plot. Look it's my name that'll be in the title. You heard him promise didn't you?

TT : Well I thought we should have had Brian's name in the title. Then we could have called it BRAC. Or we could have had mine and called it TTAC...

SM : Hey, that's better phonetically...

TT : But I think Jeff would prefer his there and we could call it JKMAC.

SM : Tim. Sometimes I wonder about you lot. Why do you think Jeff got attacked?

TT : I don't know. He hangs around some funny places with some odd characters. Perhaps he had an argument with one of them?

SM : But why the CD. Odd? And all that business about the future. I think Jeff's losing it as fast as Brian.

TT : I saw him yesterday. Scratching himself and muttering "out you damned bugs, out"

SM : odd

TT : and, you know, what's really odd. I've never seen him turn his computer on. He just walks around with a face mask on with an ant puffer.

SM : Sounds like one of Brian's ideas. Watch out, they've arrived

Enter Jeff and Brian

SM : hello Jeff and Brian
TT : hello Brian and Jeff
BR : hello Tim and Sid
JKM : hello. I'll stand if it's all the same to you.

SM : Right we're here to assess progress

BR : None

SM : What. none?

BR : Nope. She didn't eat the bonsai tree and I haven't got any further with her.

SM : The GAME Brian.

BR : Oh that. Well I have had a couple of snazzy ideas.

TT : Yawn

BR : Yeah. We can improve areas outside of bases and then we call them supermarkets.

SM : What's the point of that?

BR : Well everyone does their shopping out of town nowadays, don't they. So you build a supermarket outside of your base and then you go and park a shopping trolley on it and it conveys resources back to your base. Neat.

SM : A shopping trolley?

BR : I've got a great idea for the graphics too. We could use one of those ones which has room for the kid to sit on and with a big stick going in the air. That'll stop other players Distribution Managers from nicking them...

SM : Distribution Managers?

BR : Yeah. It's a great new unit I've thought up. It goes around the map and collects all the shopping trolleys.

SM : Brian....

BR : But of course you can only get it after you've discovered Currency... as you need a coin to get the shopping trolley in the first place. There's also a potential bug in that the currency could get returned to the Distribution Manager before Currency has been discovered.

JKM : bugs, bugs, bugs. Where?

SM : But Currency was in Civ2?

BR : But this is Civ2 too

TT : Civ22? Have I been asleep for a while.

SM : OK, have it your way Brian. Now what about the title.

BR : Obviously, Brian Reynolds Alpha Centauri.

SM : Not again. We don't want Bric-a-BRAC jokes

BR : Nor do we want to be seen encouraging drug use...

SM : So what's the alternative

TT : I've got it. I've been thinking about the marketing. We need to tell people how mindblowingly brilliant this game is. How about Big Incredible Great Mindblowing Alpha Centauri.

JKM : Bug Infestation Greatly Marrs Alpha Centauri?

BR : I prefer Tim's version. Apart from the lack of Brian Reynolds in the title

SM : I'm sure someone's done that one before. Never mind, have it your way, Brian.

BR : Are we ready to order...

SM : Yes. I'll have the spring rolls.

TT : Yawn

JKM : I'll stand

BR : Sweet and Sour Pork for me. I've just had another idea for air units. Man I'm inspired today. These really fast attack aircraft - pretty deadly and great for beating up the shopping trolleys and distribution managers.

SM : Sounds good. What would we call them?

BR : Noodlejets.

Tune in later for more BIGMAC game info
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