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If the RIAA actually get their way and make all ISP/POS (Point of service) providers have to keep a LOG of all your incoming and outgoing data streams for 7 years CONTINIOUSLY, and which is provided to ALL copyright holders by them just asking... AND at the same time of monitoring every packet you send to see if it is a registered copy-right material... to report you in real time of breaking any copy-right...

Keep in mind that all the security concerns ( DoD, CIA, NSA ) and law enforcement authorities (FBI, Tob and Firearms, NYPD, etc) support this. So they can monitor everything in real time, and look back at what you've been doing in the past. That's the danger... not very strong or realistic at this time, but the more Big Brother and Little Brother team up on the demands that you cannot be trusted and must be patrolled constantly... that unholy union needs to be guarded against.

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