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There's competition for the advertising and distribution and shelf space, isn't there?

RIAA and others may be right about how Net piracy is cutting into their profits though. A recent study of 100,000 Net users showed that over 55% had within the last 30 days had 'pirated' albums from file sharing networks and burnt/copied them. Only 25% of those were even *considering* spending any money in the future on those artist. The study had showed that 85% of those users had pirated music, movies, applications and/or games within the last year, and only 5% of those had ever decided to go waste their time and money on buying anything 'officially'.

The average age of the study? 35 year old married men and women, with jobs paying well above average. Why pirate? It was less trouble then going to the store (online or brick), and they were not going to waste their money on buying any of it, when they could get it for free.
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