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I found Silence 15' (foot, Greg, 15 inches isn't really that much use) radius to be almost completely ineffective against enemy mages - it delayed them for an entire round while they cast vocalise and then went back to casting spells. Assuming it didn't bounce off whatever magic resistance they had in the first place.

The level 5 Druid spell with the insects was much better for that.

I'd also include Animal Summoning II and the Animate Dead spell as useful additions, although Animate dead isn't especially useful until level 15 - those skeleton warriors are great, though.

I also really like the 7th level Cleric spell Sunray (or something like that) for those times you are surrounded with Undead. Everything just dies.

And my all time favourite spell (so far, and not including time stop) - GATE. Being able to summon a huge fireball hurling demon is just so much fun.
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