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My favourite spells:

Cure Light Wounds (C1): *sigh* Well obviously...
Cure Medium Wounds (C3): This actually works a bit better...
Call Woodland beings (D4): The Dyrad you get can cast both hold monster and mass cure, so this is kind of like getting two level 5 spells for the price of one level 4 one.
Cure Critical Wounds (C5): I don't use this much, but if you have taken a massive amount of damage, dump all level 5 spells and just learn this a few times. At 27hps, its much better than the other cure spells.
Heal (C6): This is FANTASTIC. Removes all damage in a single touch, which is really handy for those 150hp frontline characters.
Raise Dead (C5): I keep a copy of this normally at higher levels when I start getting spare level 5 slots - there's just so many ways to die so fast, so if the bad guys are going to cheat, you should too.
Ressurection (C7): Using up level 7 slots on healing spells is just WRONG. But, like for Cure Critical wounds, if you get in a very bad situation, just dump everything and store a couple of these.

Passive Defense:
Berserk (F1): The absolute best defensive spell ever. It even protects against Imprisonment, a level 9 mage spell. Sadly, you can only get this on two characters - your own (if a Berserker), and Korgan.
Protection from Evil 10' radius (C4): Useful because it makes you harder to hit by Evil creatures, and improves your saving throws against them. Also, you can ignore summoned demons. And you glow blue.
Chaotic Commands (C5): This prevents all Charm, Domination, Confusion type spells - essentially anything that stops you from controlling your characters. It's also essential against the Mind Flayers.
Death Ward (C4): This prevents anything that can kill you in one go - very nice. Death Ward and Chaotic Commands are both good because you can cast them at the start of an adventure and they will last most of the way through - 1 turn per level duration.
Free Action (C4): Less of a duration, cast on anything that can't Berserk when you meet a Wizard. Free Action looks really really cool when you also have a glowing golden weapon.
Stone Skin/Iron Skin (M4/D5): A brilliant spell which gives mages and druids far longer livespans in close combat.
Remove Fear (C1): Cast this quick before facing mages or especially Dragons. Cavaliers can cast thing whenever they want.
Protection from Magicial Energy (M6): A high level spell, but it lasts a long time, and completely prevents all damage from that annoying Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting. Might also work on Beholder rays...?

Active Defense:
Remove Paralysis (C3): Store a couple of these to fix up anything that wasn't worth putting a Free Action on that got stunned.
Zone of Sweet Air (C3): Removes cloud kill spells. These are usually very annoying, so this is good.
Detect Invisible/True Sight (C3/C5): Good against Wizards and Thieves. True Sight is much more effective, has a longer range, and keep going for a turn.

Bless (C1): Not very nice, doesn't last long enough. Cast during a battle, or immediately before.
Chant (C2): About the only good level 2 Cleric spell, so you can store as many copies of this as you can use. Lasts twice as long as Bless, but stacks with it, for a good +2 +2.
Draw upon Holy Might (C2): The other good second level mage spell, once you have at least casting level 6. Rangers and Paladins particularly will find this good once they reach casting level 9, since +3 to all your combat stats is a nice boost. Lasts a turn, but takes a long time to cast, which makes it a bastard to use in surprise battles. Combine with a potion of Fire Giant Strength and you have a temporary Str 25 to play with. Fun.
Strength(M2): This is a very good mage spell. It lasts for ages and improves any fighter it's cast on to 18/00, so that's at least a boost of +1 +1 in damage, and usually better.
Haste (M3): Gives your whole party boots of speed and a bonus attack, if only for a short time. The Ranger Valygar can cast this once he gets level 3 spells.
Defensive Harmony (C4): Short duration, but the +2 to AC can push your fighters to insanely high levels of defense (-12AC, anyone?). It's also very fast to cast, which helps a lot.
Improved Haste (M6): Level 6 mage spells in general are a bit of a disappointment, with the exception of this spell. Improved haste can turn one of your fighters into a death machine, doubling their number of attacks. It's not hard to get 6 attacks per round with this spell, for a good turn of combat. A useful Dragon killer spell.

Breach (M5): Removes stone skin and Mantle protections from Mages. Great if you can get it off at the start of a battle when the mage is casting other random protection things - all of a sudden you get a mage surrounded by three big angry fighters, with no melee spell defenses. This is a seriously good spell, since fighter characters generally struggle a LOT against stone skin protections, wasting one or more critical hits in removing the skins.
Lower Resistance (M5): Lowers magic resistance on the target. You'll need at least two copies of this spell for it to be effective, and a further casting of Pierce Magic won't hurt as well. Takes a long time, but once you've done it, you can unleash a hail of fireballs, lightning, magic missile etc against the previously invulnerable target. However, many combats won't even last this long, so this tactic works much better if you have two highish level mages (e.g Edwin and Imoen). Put this on a Sorceror and you are really in business. And if you are in a party that depends a lot on its Mages to do damage, this spell is essential.
Pierce Magic (M6): Slightly crap, since it doesn't dispell the highest level of protection like Ruby Ray, but this often doesn't matter because the target in question won't be using more than two. It dispels one Anti-Magic spell, and lowers magic resistance at the same time.
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