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Er, that sounds like a Beholder Mike, and they can be very dangerous even to a fairly well equipped party. I remember the easiest way to get past them is via a ring of spell turning - let it kill itself basically. Only problem is you probably won't have one right now.

Spells - yeah, you can write them in your spellbook long before you can actually cast them.

Healing potions? Man, I forgot the game even had healing potions (assuming it does of course, and Mike is not just hallucinating ). As soon as possible, go into Jaheira's spells, and learn some healing spells. Thay come in danged useful. I can't even try and imagine trying to get through the game without ever casting healing spells, unless you want to save and reload every fight you have until you get a result where nobody gets hurt much. And there are some fights where people are going to get hurt, regardless. I usually found that it was healing spells that made me sleep to recover spells, not mage spells. You learn to use them regularly though, they are danged useful to have.
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