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Originally posted by Beta1
heres a novel idea mike - save the game, find out what the spels do and then load again!
Yeah, I wasn't complaining about the spells. I was just going to read about them in the book but there are a lot and I'm lazy. Trying them out's not an entirely bad idea but some spells the effect wouldn't really be obvious if I wasn't using it in combat would it? I met a giant pool ball ball with triffid arms in the dungeon just before I stopped playing last night. It was a bit like a stuck to the ground tomato head from Doom2 with arms. It did some horrible stuff to my characters and for some reason they kept running away from it. Pussies. Killed it in the end but it'd have taken half my healing potions to get people back to normal so I didn't save that. Think I'll investigate the defensive spells I have before I go back there.

Another funny thing also was that Imoen seems to have a few level 5 spells but she hasn't got any slots to memorise any of them what's the point of that?
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